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Contact Lens Fitting & Training

At North York Eye Clinic, we offer a wide variety of contact lenses which all have one thing in common: they provide excellent eye health and comfort. Our office is equipped with the newest and latest brands in contact lenses. Our Doctors personally conduct each contact lens fitting and examination and have the ability to correct most prescriptions with contact lenses. Contact Lenses are an excellent method of vision correction and a great addition to spectacle correction. Contact lenses come in many different sizes and curvatures.

At North York Eye Clinic, we are offer:

·       Daily disposable lenses, Bi-weekly disposable lenses, Monthly disposable lenses and conventional yearly lenses

·       Spherical, Astigmatism/Toric, Monovision, Multi-focal and Colour contact lenses

·       Hard/Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses (sphere, astigmatism, bifocal and multi-focal)

Contact lenses are a great choice for vision correction but should never completely replace glasses. It is important to give the eyes a few hours a day without contact lenses unless they are approved for extended wear.

For a contact lens fitting or training, or to find out if you are a candidate for contact lenses, make an appointment with one of our doctors today. 


Contact Lens Training

We believe in thoroughly training our patients on how to correctly use and care for their contacts, allowing them to both maintain healthy eyes and have exceptional vision.

Contact lens insertion and removal training is provided to all patients who are new to wearing contacts or those who have not worn contacts for an extended period of time. Our staff at North York Eye Clinic will provide clear instructions so that each patient leaves our office feeling confident and successful when inserting, removing or caring for your contact lenses.

Contact lens trainings take approximately one hour to complete. During this time, the patient is taught how to correctly insert and remove their prescription contact lenses, as well as how to care for the particular lens chosen for them. One of our eye doctors will examine the contact lenses on the eyes to ensure that the lenses fit properly. On your follow-up visit, the fit is rechecked and it is verified that there are no more improvements that need to be made.

Severe eye infections may result from improper contact lens care.

Our Doctors are familiar with the newest and latest contact lenses on the market. Our contact lens fittings begin with a comprehensive eye examination. Your Doctor determines an accurate prescription and will confirm that you are a good candidate for contact lenses. He or she will then determine what your visual needs are; do you require correction for astigmatism, distance vision, and/or near vision? Do you work in a dusty environment? Do you have dry eyes? Based on this discussion, our doctors will select the best lens for you and your eye shape.

The contact lens fitting process at North York Eye Clinic begins with our doctor choosing an initial lens based on your prescription, eye shape, and expected wear time. The fit of a contact lens is checked on the eye which is very important since it may feel comfortable but may be inhibiting oxygen from reaching the eye. The fitting process is complete only after ensuring, on the follow up visit, that the lens of choice is not only healthy for the eye, but also that you are entirely satisfied with the comfort and vision provided by the contact lens.

In most cases, we will have your trial contact lenses in the office for you to try. You will wear these lenses for a week and return to the office for a no-charge follow-up. If you are uncomfortable with the lens, or the doctor finds the lens is a poor fit, an alternative lens is recommended. Once your doctor is content with the fit and vision obtained with the lens, the prescription is finalized.

At North York Eye Clinic, we provide specialty contact lens fittings for patients requiring : high astigmatism, multifocal contact lenses which have multiple prescriptions to correct distance, intermediate, and near vision. As well, rigid gas permeable lenses can be fit to improve vision for patients with various eye diseases such as keratoconus, a disease which causes the cornea to thin thus changing its shape.

You should never wear a contact lens without being fit for it first. By wearing a size or curvature which is incorrect for you, oxygen coming into the eye can be suctioned off causing healthy tissue to become deprived. If this happens, corneal damage can occur and decrease vision.

We offer competitive pricing allowing our patients to purchase lenses at our office. Call our office today at 647-352-5553 to book a contact lens fitting or teaching appointment.